For the past couple of weeks, I’ve had a WIP (work in progress) “Power Up Optimus Prime”. Power-up Prime is a souped up version of Optimus Prime when he took on Jet Fire’s armour and parts to battle The Fallen and Megatron at the end of the movie Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

The Leader Class Optimus Prime and Jet Fire official toys from Hasbro do combine to the “Power Up” mode but it is not movie accurate, simple due to the practical design of the toys.

Hence, different customizers have tried to make “Power Up Prime” more movie and concept art accurate.

Power Up Optimus Prime (Concept Art)

Regular Optimus Prime (Concept Art)

Since I first started customizing Transformers, I’ve also wanted to do this particular figure. But, it is a very hard custom job to do, so I knew I needed to complete a couple of customs before I even attempted it. This is basically known as a Kit Bash or Scratch job because a large part of the custom is built from scratch. It is a Kit Bash because many parts are taken from other toy models to create parts needed for the custom. Tools are needed to cut, mold and shape parts as needed before prepping and painting can begin.

So far, there has been no one in the world that has released a custom movie / concept art accurate Power Up Optimus Prime that can still have Prime transform. Encline Designs who is one of the top customizers in the world has currently one of  the most movie accurate Power Up Primes but it does not transform. I’ve seen some working on a Power Up Prime with detachable armour so that Prime can transform but the Power Up Prime, while good, is not close enough to the movie or concept art visuals.

My goal was to create a very movie/ concept art accurate Power Up Prime but with the ability to detach the armour so that Prime can still transform on its own.

This custom has been incredibly tough and called upon all my short experience in customizing but long experience in illusion design and fabrication to create the Power Up Prime. Over the months, I searched high and low for different parts from different toys to create the right look. My eventual figure will probably be made from 6 – 8 different toys as well as custom pieces that I’m having fabricated.

I built the custom from toe up and designed the entire custom over a 3-week period. 80% of the parts have been molded or fabricated and I’m already prepping the bottom half of the figure for painting.

It is looking good and I think I might be able to have some initial photos by next week.