The body work for my Power Up Optimus Prime is complete… whew!

It has taken weeks of designing, cutting, sculpting and molding to create this ultimate version of a custom Power Up Prime. The original figure is completely intact and fully transformable. Individual armour pieces from Jet Fire are completely removable!

The greatest challenge of doing a movie accurate Power Up Prime is for Prime to be able to retain his individual transforming capabilities. Most customizers have accepted the necessary “evil” of having Prime permanently molded to his Power Up mode due to necessity; parts have to be cut or glued etc.

For customizers who have removable armour, the design is often not movie or concept art accurate. This is because it is hard to attach individual armour pieces securely and at the same time keep the look of the figure.

I basically built and configured most of the armour parts from scratch but designed them to attach in different units. One design “problem”  I overcame was having different attachable parts able to move with the body parts of Prime. Due to how I designed and attached the parts, even if an arm was to swivel out, armour that appears to be in the way will shift of the way to accommodate articulation.

I’ve already started with the paint job which I think will take another 2 – 3 days. Looks like I will be able to unveal him before the end of the week!

Here is the sneak preview of the feet of Power Up Prime.