This is my custom for the Voyager Class Optimus Prime from the Hunt for the Decepticons series. It is the most movie-accurate version of Prime produced by Hasbro at this size and is like a smaller version of the Leader Class Prime.

My customization includes a complete repaint of the figure plus adding battle damage and weathering.

Details of this custom include:

  • Repaint of entire exo-skeleton, red & blue parts (leaving flames intact)
  • Painted all parts to be movie accurate
  • Added flames to the front chest piece
  • Added blue arm bands with red flames
  • Added red shoulder guards
  • Added blue trimming to forearms
  • Added gold and copper detail
  • Added in chrome trimmings and coloured in lights. I paint over the lights with chrome silver first, followed by a coat of clear orange or clear blue to create the illusion of a coloured light cover.
  • Changing the colours of the windscreens from tinted blue to tinted black with a “Smoke”-coloured paint.
  • Details for head
  • Metal-tone finish for the “Matrix”
  • Battle damage including laser slashes, bullet holes, dings and dents
  • Weathering with mud and grass effects

The “Matrix of Leadership” inside of Prime also painted a gun metal finish

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