Here is my latest Custom Legends Class Optimus Prime!

From the big, I’ve now gone to the small with a micro Legends Class Movie version Optimus Prime. This figure stands 3 inches tall and I did my personal custom battle damage & weathering effects to this Prime.

The Legends Class Prime is far from movie accurate but I corrected as much of the colour scheme to make it as accurate as possible and added in multiple details.

Customization details include:


  • Gun metal and chrome silver dry brushing for exo-skeleton and metal parts
  • Red & Blue panel painting
  • Gold Trim
  • Chrome & clear blue light details

Battle Damage & Weathering

  • Bullet Holes
  • Laser Slashes
  • Dings and Dents
  • Shattered Glass
  • Mud & Grass Effects

The original toy and paint scheme

My custom battle damaged and weathered version

Side by side comparison with the original toy

Photographed with my custom Voyager Class Optimus Prime

So, it is still possible to do a custom with a small figure without buying a large expensive one.

Here is a photo of all 3 classes of Optimus Primes: